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The posts here will be very topical, mostly recaps of things I've learned since the prior post. More about me can be found here.

What is this site?

So one day, as inevitably occurs, my introductory promotional rate on my home internet expired. Suddenly I was paying nearly twice as much!

Like any responsible customer, I called and threatened to switch to a competitor. While on hold, I looked for the first time at what exactly my package contained. Lo and behold! Free hosting!

Free hosting is "as in beer", unfortunately

I like free stuff, but honestly, I probably get more out of the free as in libre than the free as in gratis. (I recently actually looked into the "as in beer" reference that comes up in open source discussions all the time and found the source so if you feel the same way check it out!).

Free hosting is a great example of gratis without libre: you can have this for free, but you can only run the LAMP stack.

For instance, I'd never seen this before:

l0stinsp4ce@lsh2101:~$ sudo echo 'fish'
-bash: sudo: command not found

So the path that led me to this outdated PHP CMS is more one of nostalgia and freegan impulses (don't let that free hosting spoil!) than GNU-style freedom.